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Ace The PE Logo by My 9 Year Old

Ace The PE Logo by My 9 Year Old

Hi, I am your resident Professional Engineer, the author of this site,  and also the humble host of “Ace the PE” podcast.  I am a practicing Professional Engineer in South Carolina, and am self-employed at my engineering business.  I have taken and passed both the Civil PE exam, and the Structural I PE Exam.  On a personal note; I am a Christian, with a wife and five kids that I love.  One of my kids even helped me with the logo design (right).  What do you think?  I also enjoy running and keeping fit.  Once you pass the PE Exam, you may want to head over to my running site as well ;)


The goal and mission of this site is simple – to help you pass the PE Exam.

How We Help You:

It can take many hours to prepare for the exam, so you need to have a good strategy in place. This site provides strategies, tips, and motivation for preparing for as well as taking the exam. Items covered will include prerequisites for the exam, steps for registration, exam taking strategies, study strategies, subject preparation, and much more.  I hope that this site is just the thing you need to get an edge on this exam.

Where should I Start?
If you have not already done so, please sign up for the free checklist above.  This will provide you with the materials and tasks you need to get started on preparing for the PE Exam!


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