Best Nuclear PE Exam Study Guide and Materials

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Best Nuclear PE Exam Study Guide and Materials

Practice Problems Book:  

(Post Updated 11/4/12)

Nuclear Engineering Solved Problems

The former 101 Nuclear Engineering Problems, which was published in 1999 has been updated.  The new book replaces the 101 problems book is entitled Nuclear Engineering Solved Problems, which was released in June of 2012.  Note, if it is not available on amazon, it can be found directly on the publisher site.

The old version of the book:

101 Solved Nuclear Engineering Problems [Paperback]; ISBN10 = 1888577304 (Link)

The updated version of the Nuclear Engineering Solved Problems book:

Nuclear Engineering Solved Problems; By John A Camara, PE; June, 2012.  Second Edition.  | ISBN-10: 1591263859 | ISBN-13: 978-1591263852 | Professional Publications, Inc.

Currently Available on the Publisher’s Site (Link) 

Now it is only $50, but Use the Code ANDYS54U to save another 5%.

Here is a brief excerpt of what Amazon has to say about the book:

This book’s comprehensive coverage of nuclear engineering problem-solving will sharpen your understanding of nuclear energy and engineering whether you are a candidate for the nuclear PE exam, a nuclear plant operator or technician, a professional in the health physics field, or a nuclear power worker in military or civilian settings.

The Nuclear Engineering Solved Problems book is written to meet the 2012 NCEES PE exam specifications for the nuclear exam. In fact, the chapters match the bullets outlined in the exam specs, which makes the preparation easier for you.  The problems have all been solved in a detailed fashion, with all tables and references included in the solution.

Here is one of the reviews on Amazon:

…The questions are very good and each subject area is covered in sufficient quantity and quality to “knock the rust off” as one prepares for the PE examination….

Professional Engineering Examination Study Guide for Nuclear Engineers by American Nuclear Society (2004); ISBN 0894485687

An audio CD review product is available on Amazon is provided below.. (though honestly you can actually get it cheaper from

Additional References

Nuclear Reactor Analysis [Paperback]; James J. Duderstadt (Author), Louis J. Hamilton (Author); ISBN = 0471223638

Nuclear Reactor Analysis (Paperback)

New From: $181.92 USD In Stock

This is a textbook for an introduction into nuclear reactor analysis.  Provides the basics of nuclear fission chain reactions and reactor cores.

The description from amazon goes on to describe this in more detail:

This text introduces the student to the fundamental principles governing nuclear fission chain reactions in a manner that renders the transition to practical nuclear reactor design methods most natural. The authors stress throughout the very close interplay between the nuclear analysis of a reactor core and those nonnuclear aspects of core analysis, such as thermal-hydraulics or materials studies, which play a major role in determining a reactor design.

Introduction to Nuclear Engineering (3rd Edition) [Hardcover]; John R. Lamarsh (Author), Anthony J. Baratta (Author); ISBN 0201824981

Nuclear Engineering: Theory and Technology of Commercial Nuclear Power, 2nd Edition; Ronald Allen Knief; ISBN 10: 0894484583

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  1. Bob Wilkinson says:


    I hold a BS in nuclear engineering technology and was in the navy nuclear program. I have tried and failed to pass the Mining and Mineral PE exam twice now. I went into mining engineering in 2006, getting an ME from Missouri Rolla. But I am considering taking the nuclear PE exam.

    I have the 101 Solved Problems book, but wondered if you coud recommend which other texts, on your list, would be worth getting as well?

    Thanks a lot.


  2. Bob,
    I have done my best to provide a compilation of nuclear engineering study materials on the list, but I do not have any preferences at this point. I will work on this and update the list. If you find anything else out, please let me know also.

  3. The 101 Nuclear Engineering Solved Problems book has been revised, and released in 2012 as just Nuclear Engineering Solved Problems. More information is provided in the body of this article, and a link to the book is also provided.

  4. Tanny S. says:

    The updated version of Nuclear Engineering Solved Problem is exactly the same as the previous version 101 Solved Nuclear Engineering Problem. Every single problem/section is the same. No need to update versions.

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