Petroleum Engineering PE Exam Study Materials

Petroleum Engineering PE Exam Study Materials

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A good review for the PE Exam will begin with a good core reference manual, working plenty of practice problems and taking a sample exam along the way.  It also does not hurt to take a review course as well.  Below is a suggested reference manual, and according to their website, the Society of Professional Engineers will be putting out a guide in the near future.  

Reference Manual for the Petroleum Engineering PE Exam

A Guide to Professional Engineering Licensure for Petroleum Engineers and Sample P.E. Exam 10th Edition; 2009; 80 pp; Softcover; ISBN10=155563270X

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Note, amazon is out, check the Society of Petroleum Engineers (below).

Also, here is another source:

This was provided on the Society of Petroleum Engineers Website regarding this reference manual 

This 2009 revision outlines the professional registration process in the U.S. A vital resource for individuals planning to register and become licensed in their respective states, it lists state boards and summaries their requirements. This softbound guide also features an updated actual sample P. E. exam, which reflects the new exam format of 80 one point, multiple choice, no choice questions. The guide includes test-taking do’s and dont’s and serves as an excellent review of general petroleum engineering problems. For those seeking to build or complete a personal library, the list of references will prove invaluable.

Review Course

A review course for the Petroleum PE Exam will be a good way to refresh the concepts on the Petroleum Exam, keep you motivated to study, and help you with some areas you may hit a wall on.  A review course is provided by the Society of Petroleum Engineers.  Here is a Link to the SPE Review Course.

Speaking of review courses, you may wonder if they are really worth it.  Check out my video entitled ‘PE Review Courses:  Are they Worth it?’ to give you some thoughts on whether you should take a review course or not.

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