Episode 09 – Using Video as a Tool to Prepare for the PE Exam – An Interview

Using Video as a Tool to Prepare for the PE Exam – An Interview

The Civil PE Exam is quite a broad test to take, covering 5 sub-disciplines of civil engineering.  This episode provides some ideas on how to use video learning as a way to prepare for, and ultimately pass the PE Exam.  The resource that we discuss in particular is a website called engineeringvideos.net.  This site provides tons of video demonstrations on how to work specific engineering problems that you may be struggling with, or just need a refresher.  Enjoy!

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Here are the notes and links mentioned in the show:

First we learned what EngineeringVideos.net is all about.  Then, we discussed the benefits of using video as a resource for studying for the PE Exam.  Tim discusses the secrets of using video, and how it can help you get an edge on the test.

We also discuss the Survey Practice problems book that Tim has developed.  For those of you taking the survey portion of the PE exam, or for those who are actually getting licensed as a surveyor, you need to check this book out.

To fid out about engineeringvideos.net, follow the link provided.

For the Survey Practice Problems book; go to this link, as mentioned.


Also, all of the videos are free to view on the Engineering Videos site, but in addition, you can get the DVD as well for a limited time here:


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